Subrogation Recoveries

We maintain an aggressive subro-gation recovery unit for prosecution of all types of insurer third party collections to help our insurance company clientele improve their bottom line LAE and indemnity losses. We will review close in time to the date of loss, all possible angles for possible contribution/indemnification. We act as an advisor or, if requested, to coordinate needed field investigation, expert evaluations and evidence preservation at the start of any subrogation claim.

Our firm will undertake on a con-tingency fee-plus-costs basis or other appropriate alternate fee structure, any level of recovery actions desired including pre-suit demands for payment and forceful litigation efforts to collect against any responsible third party wherever the loss arises.

We have successfully prosecuted and recovered over $5,000,000 in recent years in subrogation claims involving commercial and residential fire losses, product liability suits, water damage incidents, construction defect claims, contractor negligence situations, auto accidents and many other types of third party indemnity settings.




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